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All applicants, debtors and loans made by the fund are bound by these regulations

Please read them carefully and consider their consequences before applying for a loan

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February 2019

1.         All applications for assistance under the New South Wales Chiropractic Student Trust Fund must be made in writing on the current application form and addressed to: The Trustees at the address of the Secretary.

 2.         Each applicant must be supported by two references attesting to the good character of the applicant by persons who have known him or her for a minimum period of three years. One referee should be a chiropractor currently practicing in NSW.

 3.         No loan or benefit shall be granted to any applicant until the applicant has obtained two persons approved by the trustees to guarantee the due payment of the said loan or benefit by the applicant in accordance with the regulations prescribing the  manner of payment thereof.

 4.         No loan, benefit or grant shall be made until the applicant provides evidence of acceptance by the educational body concerned.

 5.         The trustees may approve loans or grants to be used for any purposes such as tuition fees, books and materials, travel expenses, postgraduate tuition, living expenses, research projects or any other purpose provided it will promote and encourage education in the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic in NSW. 

6.         If the grant loan or benefit is to be for the purpose of research the applicant must detail the aims and method of achieving the outcomes of his or her programme or project which must be acceptable to the trustees. 

7.         Where an application is made for a research grant the trustees may of their sole discretion grant a non-repayable benefit of no more than 20% of the available funds of that time. This is provided that in the opinion of the trustees the proposed research project is consistent with the intent and purpose of the trust deed.  

8.         The trustees have complete discretion as to whether they approve or disapprove of any application but the decisions of the trustees must be unanimous. 

9.         The trustees must give their decision in respect of all applications within a period of two months from the date of receipt of the application. 

10.        The trustees must notify the applicant of their decision but need not state their reasons thereof.  

11.        The trustees may make available to any applicant any amount of finance not exceeding the amount applied for, which in their discretion they think fit. 

12.        All loans must be repaid to the trustees in the manner following: 

a).        The entire loan must be repaid within a period of two years from the date of completion of the course of study in which he/she is currently enrolled or is intending to be enrolled but may be repaid by the applicant in full at any time before the due date. 

b).        Subject to subsection a) hereof: the applicant will repay, at the expiration of six months from graduation or completion of the course of study in which he/she is currently enrolled or is intending to be enrolled, whichever is the sooner, one fourth of the amount of the loan; and 

c).        Repay the remaining three quarters in equal instalments quarterly, bi-annually or as determined by the trustees and duly stated in the loan agreement. 

13.        The trustees have discretion to extend the period of the loan should mitigating circumstances arise. 

14.        The schedule of interest repayments is as follows: 

               Loans attract interest from the date of the completion of the course  

               The interest rate will be that of the Westpac "Fixed Rate Secured Personal Loan" current at the             time of signing the agreement and will be calculated quarterly. 

               Overdue payments will attract twice the normal rate of interest. 

15.        If the applicant fails to complete the said course of study for any reason whatsoever the full amount of the loan shall be forthwith due and payable by the applicant within six months. 

16.        If the applicant at any time is not pursuing the course of study to the satisfaction of the trustees they may at any time, in their absolute discretion, discontinue any assistance in whole or in part, which they may have previously approved. 

17.        The applicant must hold student membership of the Australian Chiropractors Association whilst completing his/her course and must apply for full membership of the Australian Chiropractors Association on graduation/completion of course. If the recipient becomes unfinancial with the Australian Chiropractors Association the loan/grant becomes payable immediately y . 

18.        No undergraduate application shall be approved if the applicant has received assistance from any chiropractic association or the NSWCSTF. (Successful applicants shall not apply for additional assistance from chiropractic association or fund other than the above.) 

19.        If any applicant fails to comply with the regulations hereof and a loan has been granted to such applicant and the said loan or part thereof has been paid by the trustees pursuant to the applicant's applications for the said loan then in such events the amount so paid by the Trustees shall become due and payable forthwith. 

20.        The trustees may in their sole discretion, seek reports from the students and/or the institution attended. 

21.        Preference will be given to students in the final year of the course. 

22.        Applications that are likely to encourage diversity amongst the chiropractic profession may be given special consideration. 

23.        The Applicant must on completion of his or her course of study practice as a chiropractor in the state of NSW until such time as the entire loan is repaid.